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The Mininova is the perfect machine for lower volume applications or for the sophisticated espresso drinker at home. This is a small, sleek looking machine, perfect for behind the bar in small cafes or at the server’s station.

Volume tricrotary vane pump for plumbed in applications or vibrating pump with a 1.5 liter reservoir for pour over option. Manual dispense button, hot water tap, and one steam wand. Total chrome package is standard on all Mininova models and versions.

Technical Specifications

Semiautomatic coffee machine

  • E61 Style Thermo-compensated with pre-infusion chamber
  • Manual steam wand
  • All stainless steel panels
  • Available as either direct water connect or pour over option


  • Stainless Steel

Technical specifications

  • Voltage                                             volts      120
  • Heating element                            watts    1,300
  • Amps rating                                    amp       11
  • Boiler capacity                               liters      2
  • Width                                                 inches   13
  • Depth                                                 inches   17
  • Height                                                inches   16
  • Cup height                                        inches   3.25
  • Net weight                                        lbs.         44
  • Shipping weight                             lbs.         55